| Vanlalruata Pachuau | January 2024 | Poetry |

The shadows of the passing year

And jingle bell recedes,

A time of the year

When we reflect our life

For the coming days,

Pondering our blunder

Bowing behind the dawn.

May the first light be a blessing,

A merry bell for your near and dear ones,

May this new year light

Be a beacon over your head

Let it shine on your way,

If the days are thirty or thirty-one

May it guide you

Even when you falter

Warm you when you are cold

Shelter you

When the tropical rain thump your roof

Let this year be a blessed good year for you.


Ruata was born and raised in Serkawn, Lunglei, Mizoram. He fell in love with poetry at a tender age. He is a self-confessed cinephile who loves the rock band The Killers, and is an ardent supporter of Liverpool FC.


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