Dear readers,

Welcome to July 2023 issue of The Mean Journal by MeanPepperVine. This edition contains an eclectic mix of art, fiction, a travelogue/photo essay, and finally, an artist interview, something that we have been itching to do ever since we started this Journal.

How is the year treating you so far? Water shortage, oppressive heat, wildfires, planting trees, dipping our toes into the world of nature writing and plant humanities, drought in May, some rains in June, a few hard goodbyes, reading your submissions, squeezing in the occasional hike – these are some of the things that have been occupying our lives these past few months. 

We are currently working to launch a few ongoing series that will not be restricted by our quarterly publication cycle, and we hope to introduce them in the next few weeks. 

As always, thank you to everyone who sent in your pieces for consideration. Though we are unable to respond to all your mails, please know that we read each and every submission with due care. 

Our striking cover art for this edition is by Lunglei based artist Hriati Ralte, whose interview is published in this issue.

We hope this issue inspires you in some way. Keep creating!

Ruati Chhangte | Founder Editor, The Mean Journal

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