People carry an entire universe within them. However, the situations in our daily lives often restrict us to a mere corner of this universe. Stories are a way of getting out of our corners, and expressing this universe within us. While reading and writing stories, we get out of our ordinary lives, and explore something unknown, something extraordinary. That is how I felt when I read the stories in the Spring 2022 issue of The Mean Journal. 

It was with great excitement and equal anxiety that I approached the editorial task of The Mean Journal’s Spring Issue. I didn’t know what to look forward to as an editor. The stories started coming in, and they swept me off my feet. Every story we received had a unique voice and something unique to tell. While they differ in their level of refinement, they all are honest attempts to express the universe within the writer. As a writer, it was a humbling experience to read these stories. 

The voices, style and plots of these stories were so rich and unique that the selection was a tough job. We read and re-read the stories, debated them, mulled over them for weeks, and finally chose eight stories for The Mean Journal’s Spring Issue. Each story has a captivating plot and a unique perspective to offer. Each story has a highly engaging narrator, and examines delicate human emotions and issues. I consider it a privilege to read and comment on them. I am sure these stories will widen the reader’s perspective while engaging and entertaining them. I thank Ruati and The Mean Journal for this great opportunity. 

We look forward to many more issues featuring diverse voices in the future. 

Salini Vineeth | Fiction Editor, The Mean Journal