All the stories in the Summer 2022 edition of The Mean Journal have a strong human connection. They all depict complex relationships between people – between siblings, spouses, parents and children. In fiction, we often find two-dimensional relationships between people that lean towards a single feeling – love, hate, or disgust. But the stories of the July edition depict relationships that have many layers of blurring boundaries. They talk about sisterly affection with an underlying current of distrust, an emotional tug-of-war between different forms of love, the love of a parent marred by deep guilt, and marital dissatisfaction concealed behind a façade of an orderly household. What makes these stories delightful is this layered narrative that leaves the reader to think more about the characters and their situations. I consider it a privilege to work with these fantastic writers and get a chance to edit them.

Congratulations to all our July writers, and huge thanks to everyone who submitted their pieces. While we enjoyed many submissions, we found they could’ve been further developed. I hope these stories do come out into the world in their best possible form. Thank you.

Salini Vineeth | Fiction Editor, The Mean Journal