Around mid-2021, Ruati and I were having one of our long discussions on art and literature. We talked about how writers seldom get their due, be it monetary or otherwise. As writers, Ruati and I wanted to change that, even by a small fraction. We believed MeanPepperVine could bring about that change. As a writer, I have had bitter experiences submitting to some literary magazines—not hearing back from them, not getting paid, and not even being informed about the publication. Ruati and I wanted The Mean Journal to be different. We wanted it to be a positive place for writers  —  a place where writers are treated with the utmost respect, a place that celebrates, encourages, and uplifts our writers. So, we launched our first edition in April 2022. We are celebrating our first anniversary with this issue, and I believe we have stayed true to our mission. We have published over 30 writers from across India & abroad, both seasoned and debut writers. We’ve approached the writers and their crafts respectfully and tried our best to help them improve their writing. We have received warm responses from our writers, and I am sure MeanPepperVine now has the love and support of many excellent writers. 

This is only the first step. I look forward to the future of The Mean Journal and hope it will grow with our writers and become one of the best literary magazines in India.

Salini Vineeth | Fiction Curator, The Mean Journal