| Sukrit Nagaraj | January 2024 | Art, Flash Fiction |

I was supposed to kill myself last week.

But it was R’s birthday.

I didn’t want to do that to my best friend.

A week before that was my mum’s.

And then A’s.

All the three Ss and two Vs, along with the piece of shit, M, were celebrating their respective day of descent the month prior.

So, I kept deferring my plan.

Tonight was perfect.

So I climbed onto the roof of my twelve-storey building.

A couple walked the empty street hand-in-hand at a snail-defeating pace.

Go home! Fuck off!

But around midnight, they broke into a dance.

And then a minivan arrived with a bunch of twenty-somethings.

And they’d brought along with them a birthday cake.


Sukrit Nagaraj believes in constant creation, conscious consumption through deliberate decisions, and an essentialist-ic existence. Therefore, he commences his day meditating, making mint-tea, and muscle-building.

When he isn’t being an ardent alliterator, he is either drawing or making a comic. He divides his working hours between his next personal project, cooking aglio olio spaghetti and maintaining websites for his clients.


Artwork by Sukrit Nagaraj

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